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Changing rooms

A couple of months ago you might have spotted on social media an article on Fabulous Online where I spoke about all the things in the house that we’d picked up for free or secondhand! You can read it here if you missed it.

It made me realise that while I loved my bed, it had been almost 7 years since I got it and the mattress probably needed replacing!

We decided to go for the Ikea BJÖRKSNÄS bed and a new mattress too, together they were less than the cost of the Simba mattress alone which we'd also looked at.

Delivery to Barry took a month but it’s finally here! It took awhile to put up but it has completely changed the room.

It feels like a much calmer space now and we brought up the vase that our lovely friends gave us for free and the wicker lamp base that I picked up for £4 at the car boot sale.

What have you done to update your space recently?


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