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Getting ready for Christmas as a small business

There’s just 88 days left until Christmas!

Now we’re heading into local lockdown people will be shopping locally for presents even more.

Almost all of us check social media to find things to buy, but one thing I see missing all the time from businesses is… their products!

What do you sell?

How much is it?

Why do I need it?

How can I get it?

Lots of people worry about being repetitive and annoying but your customers want to support you and your business, so help them.

There’s just 88 days to show us what we can buy from you (even less if you aren’t a last minute shopper!) so start telling us what you sell.

Get your photos sorted, plan your content for the next couple of months and start selling like your business depends on it, because it really does!

If you need help getting your social media sorted find my Facebook and Instagram eBook here:


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