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How to get back to business after the summer holidays

During summer many of us slow down with our business, spend time with friends and family or work on projects that we’ve been putting off while it's quieter.

We might take a social media break, reduce the number of posts we’re sharing or work less days to make the most of the sun shining outside! We get a chance to recharge so we can show up as ourselves when you come back and explore ways of being more creative.

But now that summer is almost over there’s a reminder that soon we’ll be getting back to business after the summer holidays and it’s time to get our new notebooks out ready for the final quarter of the year.

If you’ve lost momentum and you’re ready to start September feeling motivated and focussed, here are a few ideas to help.

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Decide what you want to achieve

We can’t head in the right direction if we don’t know where we’re going. The first step to feeling prepared for a new quarter is to figure out where you want your business to be.

It might be…

  • An income goal

  • Aiming to grow your audience

  • Spending less time working

  • Less time scrolling on social media

  • Better planning for your marketing

It’s up to you to decide what the next few months will look like for your business.

If you struggle with this and end up feeling overwhelmed by all the options, we’re running a free 3 day challenge starting 6th September, click the link here to sign up.

On day one we look at your goals and aims and what’s getting in your way.

Is it a block you’re putting in front of yourself that’s stopping you from achieving your goals? Is it something external that you need to ask for help with? Is it all about confidence and mindset?

When you know your goals and have a plan to overcome those blocks you’ll find the momentum helps to move you forward much more quickly.

Finding a routine

Over summer, I’ll often find that my routine goes out the window with my business, keeping the house in order, dogs walks and just about everything else!

In September I look forward to finding that routine again, but also knowing that it might be different from the earlier months of the year. When it gets colder I spend lots more time getting cosy and writing because it's easier to concentrate when the sun isn't shining outside.

Spend the first couple of weeks looking at a routine that works well for you.

You might want to try writing first thing in the morning, or recording videos and lives in the evening when there’s less people around.

You could start using a digital planner like Trello or Asana, or plan out your marketing with good old pen and paper or a whiteboard.

Explore when you work best and the tools you need to create a routine that helps you to build consistency.

Get excited about the content that you’re going to post

Finally, the best way to get back to business after the summer is to get excited about the content you’re going to post!

If you’re excited about your content, then chances your audience will be too.

You can do this by batch creating posts that are ready to share, planning ahead your podcasts and blogs and designing graphics that you know your audience will enjoy.

When you’re online, notice the content that you like reading, want to share and engage with. How can you create this type of content for your audience too?

On day 3 of our challenge we look at creating content that is going to add value to your audience and build a community that supports you.

We'll send you a daily email to help you kickstart your marketing and get back to business starting on 6th September.

If you’d like to sign up for the 3 day challenge just click here and pop your email address in.

September often gives us that ‘new term’ feeling so embrace it and use the motivation to promote your business and enjoy marketing again. The sooner you find that momentum, the quicker you can get to where you want to be.


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