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How to promote your business better in 2022

Is one of your New Year’s Resolutions to improve your marketing and promote your business better in 2022?

Maybe you spent last year feeling stressed or overwhelmed by your social media.

Or you never had a clear plan for what you wanted to post.

Did your screen time keep shooting up while you sat there scrolling looking for inspiration because you never knew what to say?

I’ve had times of feeling like this, but I always come back to these 4 things that help me get better results from my social media.

Start the year strong. Start the year with a plan. Start the year loving your social media and creating content that your ideal client wants to see.

Here are 4 ways to promote your business better in 2022 so you can make marketing enjoyable again.

1. Find the way you enjoy creating content

One of the reasons we often stop posting on social media or sharing our content is because we aren’t enjoying it anymore. It starts to feel like a chore and another thing to add to our to-do list each day.

Is it really any wonder we get bored of it when we’re doing the same thing over and over again each day.

But what if you could find a way to enjoy creating content and promoting your business online?

One of the best ways to do this is to mix it up and try something new.

If you’re fed up with writing lots of social media posts, spend a week focussing on your blog instead.

If you don’t want to do reels, try recording a live video and stop forcing your creativity.

You don’t need to have weeks or months of content planned in advance to be successful on social media. Some of the best posts and conversations come from topics that are relevant today and feel relaxed and unplanned.

Take the pressure off yourself and explore ways you can enjoy promoting your business. It’s your business after all!

2. Grow your confidence

Is 2022 the year you’re going to be braver online?

The best thing about growing your confidence is that everyone starts at a different place. For some of us a live video is a breeze, but creating a graphic is daunting, or maybe writing a post feels easy, but a blog is a different story.

Small steps make a huge difference to your confidence and they can unlock doors and opportunities you might not have thought of before.

Start with a small move in the right direction towards your big goal. We don’t want to jump straight in and overwhelm ourselves, just keep moving forward slowly.

If you feel yourself losing momentum, find someone to keep you accountable or a group you can work along with that will cheer you on and help you get out of your comfort zone.

You have a brilliant business and your audience wants to hear more from you. The more you focus on how great it feels to be able to talk about your business, the more your confidence will grow.

3. Be more consistent

When we don’t set out what consistency means for us, we can often feel like we aren’t posting enough, too much or posting for the sake of it because we don’t have a structure or a plan.

If you do one thing this year to get better results, decide what consistency means for you.

How often do you want to post on social media each week?

How often do you want to send your newsletter?

How often is feasible to record a podcast?

If you find this too restrictive try and set yourself a minimum and a maximum. What is the minimum number of posts each week that would help you still move forward on your goals but take less time if you’re really busy? What would a really good week look like if you’re full of energy and motivation?

When you start to build a routine like this your audience will know what to expect from you and start anticipating your posts and content. You know that person that you are always excited to see a newsletter from? That’s what we’re aiming for!

4. Keep it continuous all year long

2022 is the year that you make a deal with yourself and decide your marketing is going to be brilliant all year long.

You’ll get the best results from your social media if you are showing up month in, month out and committing to sharing content that is going to help your audience and grow your business.

We all set New Year’s Resolutions and fall off the wagon at the end of January, but this won’t be the case for you.

There are a few ways you can make this much easier…

- Plan ahead and look at key dates coming up

- If you find you post lots in one go, add it to Trello and spread it out instead

- Look for inspiration for posts all the time and have a method to store the ideas

One year of consistency can completely change your business, why not give it a try?

Make your marketing this year the best it can be with my Be Your Own Social Media Manager Course.

Over 4 weeks you’ll learn how to post on your accounts to get the results that working with a Social Media Manager would, but without the monthly cost.

Build your confidence, grow your audience and enjoy promoting your business online this year with my Be Your Own Social Media Manager course.

Be Your Own Social Media Manager Hannah Isted


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