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How to write an eBook

Writing an eBook is something I’ve been thinking about for almost a year.

It’s always been one of those goals that’s gone to the back of the list and seemed too big to get started on.

Here’s a few things I did to start (and finish!) writing my eBook ‘How To Be Your Own Social Media Manager’.

Have an idea of what it will be about

Before you start listen to the problems that your target audience are asking you. I noticed that I was speaking to people who wanted social media management but they weren’t at the stage of being able to afford my services. I still wanted to help them, so this was a way they could do it themselves.

I spoke to a coach about the eBook and brainstormed a few ideas. Initially I thought it would be 2 or even 3 books but I realised there were overlaps and it would provide the most value as one whole book.

Set aside your time to write

If you really want this to happen, you have to create the time to write it.

I booked myself 2 nights in an Airbnb so that I could focus solely on the book. I took along my food and post it notes and got cracking on writing.

Staying somewhere new meant I had less distractions from the dog and the house but it did teach me that I can really procrastinate with anything and I definitely didn’t get as much writing done as I’d hoped!

Use a framework

This is something I learnt back when I was writing my dissertation, using a framework helps you stay on track and makes sure that everything in the book will be useful.

The framework for mine was fairly simple. I looked at the who, what, where, when and how of social media and then focussed specifically on Facebook and Instagram.

This meant that whenever I had an idea I could think about which section it would go in and if it didn’t fit, did it need to be in there?

I wrote the headings out on post it notes and then jotted down ideas for each section. When I started I would pick up a post it note, stick it in front of me and just write about that section for as long as I could. If anything came up for the other sections I would write them down somewhere else and come back to them later.

Have a goal

When I arrived at the Airbnb I didn’t have a goal in mind but as I started writing I needed something to work towards.

I realised that writing 5000 words was going to be achievable and set out to do that. No editing, no formatting, just writing 5000 words ready to be improved when I got home.

Set yourself a little challenge each day, whether it’s 500 words or to finish a section and don’t stop until you’re done. Just make sure there’s a reward at the end!

Hire a graphic designer

I’m lucky that I live with a graphic designer who’s happy to be paid in coffee, chocolate and having his washing done. But getting a graphic designer on board early on is probably one of the best things you can do for your eBook.

Tom showed me what the book looked like and how it would be read it and I realised some of the structure I’d planned didn’t work. We worked through it to make it logical and simple for any device.

If you’ve put weeks of work into your book don’t scrimp on the design, it really does make a difference.

The same goes for the photography after. Having great photos which showed off the design made me feel confident promoting it as I knew it looked great and I was proud of it.

I hope this is helpful! If you'd like to get my book 'Be Your Own Social Media Manager' click here.


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