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Just say yes

Happy Sunday! 

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt from running my business it’s that boundaries are really important. 

I forget it alot of the time, and you’ll find me replying to emails and writing newsletters at 8pm on a Sunday evening. 

I’m all for saying no to the things that aren’t right for me, like potential clients who don’t feel like a good fit or taking on another project that I know I don’t have time for. 

But while we're busy saying no, do you ever stop and think when was the last time you said YES?

What about all the opportunities that only come about when you say yes? 

I was thinking this at the weekend when we were taking part in the PhotoBARRYthon. They were filming the day and asked us if we wanted to be in it. 

My first thought (as I’m sure it would be for alot of people) was NO WAY

We’d been out in the cold so I had a red nose, chapped lips and hair all over the place. 

But I'm trying to train myself to not overthink and just say yes, and guess what?

It was fine! We spoke to them about the challenge and hopefully there will be some good content at the end of it. 

The same thing happened with the article in Women’s Own this week. 

I was really close to saying no, or saying yes and not mentioning it to anyone as I wasn't sure what they would say. 

But when I saw it in print I realised what a great opportunity it had been, and the comments from everyone really made it worthwhile. 

While I’m all for saying no when things don’t feel like a good fit, don’t let that stop you from putting yourself out of your comfort zone every once in awhile.

There are plenty of opportunities out there to promote ourselves, we just have to say YES!

If you could get your business anywhere, where would it be? A magazine? The radio? On a podcast? Send me an email on and let me know! 


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