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Marketing for Fools

Happy Sunday!

We're enjoying amazing sunshine in Barry today and it makes you feel like spring might be finally on the way.

We went down to the beach for a (very) quick dip in the sea this morning, but don’t let it fool you, the water is still FREEZING!

While the weather is good everyone gets excited about a change in seasons. I’ve heard people putting their coats and jumpers away and rumours of people sunbathing shirtless yesterday.

But if you have a quick look online it seems like we could be in a season called ‘Fool’s Spring

The spring that comes just before some really cold weather… Nooo!

Fool’s Spring reminds me of something I’ll now call Fool’s Marketing.

Fool’s Marketing is where you have a really great period in your business. You’re busy, you have customers coming in and you’re spending your time working with them. The sun is shining on your business! In fact you’re so busy, the last thing you have time for is marketing. But it doesn’t matter because the customers are right there, why would you need to look for more? Until one day work starts to slow down and you decide you’d better start marketing again. But then you realise it’s so much harder to build momentum from a stop, and you wish you’d made time to do it from the start. You could have made a plan and built an amazing audience in that time! It doesn't matter how busy my business is, marketing is a priority for me. I never know when I might have a quiet period, but when I’m busy I know that the blogs, newsletters, social media, Pinterest and now my Podcast are working for me in the background. I know it’s tempting to put it off, especially when you already have the customers you need. But trust me, these tools will still be working for you in years to come. Who knows how many customers you will need then? There are lots of things you can do this month to get started.

  • Start your own newsletter

  • Publish your first blog

  • Start using social media more frequently

  • Signing up for The Six Week Marketing Fix!

Your future self will thank you for getting those marketing plans in now, I know I did!

Just a quick reminder that every Sunday a new episode of The Social Sunday Podcast comes out! The latest episode is about gifts you can give a small business, and how to ask for them if you are one! Find it on Spotify or click here.


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