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Taking your marketing for a test drive

Yesterday we did something very exciting and bought a car!

Whenever something big, or even small happens I always think to myself...

I must be able to get a newsletter out of this.

As we chatted about the process of buying the car I realised it sounded similar to some of the enquiry calls I’ve had this week.

Lots of small business owners feel frustrated that they aren’t getting sales and I hear you, it’s really hard.

But your customers are out there and you can be ready for the time when it’s RIGHT for them to buy.

Hannah Isted Marketing Expert Social Media

We've been talking about a car for well over a year now. It’s not been a quick purchase to make.

Tom is a researcher, which I love because it means that when we buy something it’s definitely the right choice.

He did the same for our vacuum cleaner (and no it’s not a Shark or a Dyson!)

One of the reasons we decided to get this car is because we’ve read and watched so much about it.

If there's a YouTube video about the Kia Soul - we’ve seen it.

I can now tell you which Kia you can fit a full 2 litre water bottle in and how much headroom there is in the back.

Which? is now one of my top visited websites and I’ve scanned the listing on the garage’s website a thousand times.

I’ve read blogs with a full analysis comparing the Sportage to the Soul and made a pros and cons list for our options.

But one thing I haven’t done is looked at a single Instagram page.

This is why sharing information about your business on different platforms is SO important.

Blogs, videos, newsletters - you never know who is watching and when they’ll be ready to buy from you.

Some of your customers want to know everything about your brand before they commit. Some can see a single post and know that it’s the right purchase.

You might not think that blog post about how you package your orders is important but it could be the information they've been waiting for.

You might send a newsletter showing your new collection and add a big BUY NOW button to show a customer how easy it is to support you.

The more ways your customers have to find out about you, the better.

It’s why I teach 6 different ways in The 6 Week Marketing Fix, because why wouldn't we give our audience lots of ways to find us?

When things are slow it’s easy to doubt your product, but I trust that you’ve got something good to offer.

So hang in there and remember your customers are on their way, they just haven’t found you yet.

The latest episode of the Social Sunday podcast is out now! It's all about the 6 marketing mistakes I see small businesses making and I've made myself too! How many are you doing? Click here to listen.


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