Setting up an email newsletter

Back in January I FINALLY decided to set up a newsletter.

Tom did the header and I wrote the introductory email while we were on the train to Manchester for a little trip.

It took less than an hour but it had been on my list of things to do for 4 years 😂

My latest newsletter got an open rate of almost 70% and while I don't have a huge list I'm pretty happy with how many people want to read my emails!

If you don't have a newsletter it could be a really easy, free tool that you're missing out on.

They are such a good way to give your audience some value and help solve a problem they might having.

What's stopping you from setting one up?

For me it was...

- Time - Not knowing what to say - Not having a layout - I wasn't sure how to link it to my website

Let me know, and maybe I can help!

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