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Step away from the screen

I’m writing this on Friday because my brother is visiting this weekend and I want to have a little break and not think about promoting my business for a few days!

I want you to know that it’s okay to do the same.

It’s okay to have a break and step away from social media or screens, and if you're working today it's okay to take that time later on in the week too.

Lots of people have told me they are feeling overwhelmed by having to be online at the moment, but not really knowing what to do or say.

I did a reel this week about turning off your phone and stepping away from it all, you can find it here!

It’s okay to step away from social media and not promote your business for a couple of days.

Whether it’s a bank holiday, a Sunday, your birthday or you just need a break. Your business needs to work for you too.

The reason I feel pretty chilled about it is because I know I have lots of marketing tools working for me in the background.

Pinterest, blogs, podcasts.

Even if I’m not working, I know that they are and not just for the next few weeks, they'll still be working if I want to take some time off over the next few years.

Remember, you might not get as much engagement over the next few days so don’t panic, people are taking a break and you can too!

Spend some time with your family, get away from the screen and come back feeling refreshed and hopefully full of ideas.

If you ARE planning to pop a few posts out, make sure it's relevant to what people are thinking about now.

It's going to be a beautiful weekend and I just received an email about BBQ hampers from our local butcher. Now I'm thinking about a bank holiday BBQ!


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