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The Social Sunday - What's Stopping You?

Happy Sunday! On Thursday I took part in a business bootcamp with Cardiff Met’s Centre for Entrepreneurship. I was one of the experts giving advice on the student’s pitches.  My topic was social media and it was interesting to hear from the businesses about what they had planned. They all had brilliant ideas but when I asked about their social media, some of them went quiet...

‘Why don’t you just start?’ I asked them. 

There were lots of answers, some were waiting for copyright on their name, some hadn’t set up their accounts and some were just a little bit scared.  It is scary putting yourself out there on social media.  On Tuesday I did my first ever Facebook Live (I know!)  Facebook Lives are part of lots of content strategies but I don’t watch many, so they aren’t a big part of mine.  I was nervous, my laptop didn’t work so I used my phone and I forgot to look at my notes. But I did it, it was done Now I’m not saying you should rush into it and start posting without a plan, but there are things you can be doing to GET STARTED These can be used at any point in a business, but they are helpful for when you’re starting out. 

1. Research your hashtags 

Give yourself time to research different sets of hashtags for your Instagram account. Switch them up where you can and think about what your audience will be searching for so you can find them. This video might be helpful if you don't know how. 

2. Listen to your audience 

Hopefully you’re already having conversations with your target audience, so start listening to their problems and questions. I save notes on my phone with ideas for posts, so when someone mentions a question I pop them in there. 

3. Plan the time to start 

If you’re ready and time is your biggest excuse, plan the time to start. When I wrote the eBook I booked 2 nights away that were purely for writing. We’re all busy, it’s easy for social media to be pushed to the bottom of the list but make the time and the ideas will come.  So many businesses and ideas don’t get past the first hurdle because we’re scared of what could go wrong.  Use this post to give you a little push (or a big shove) to get started!


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