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The Things I've Learnt

Wow it’s been a week hasn’t it?

Ending this week on Mother’s Day feels strange but it was so lovely to celebrate our mum and everything she does for us.

Today I was planning to do a newsletter about everything I’ve learnt from my mum but instead I thought I’d ask her…

What does she think she’s taught me?

She’s had a couple of Proseccos, but here’s what she said!

Hannah Isted Social Media Small Business Marketing

1. How to make lists Me and mum are the queen of the list. Every now and again I’ll feel a list coming on and mum is usually there helping me add to it or tick things off. A list helps me feel more organised and less frantic and it shows me what I’ve been adding that could be taken away to help me feel less stressed. We will always have multiple lists on the go! 2. To love cooking

We both love to cook and will often cook similar things. I’ve learnt that cooking is one of our ways of showing that we care and I can’t wait to host people at home again soon. 3. How important friends are

My mum has always had a big group of friends and having that community around is so important. At Christmas the rest of us sit waiting by the tree for mum to finish opening her presents because there's SO MANY from her friends. My friends are the best (and if you're reading this hello!) 4. That nothing is out of reach

I’ve learnt this from pretty much every woman in my life. Mum, nan, my step-mum, they've all taught me that if there’s something I want to do then I just need to go for it. When I told my mum I wanted to move to Barry she said ‘okay’. When I told her I want to pay off the mortgage she said ‘okay, how?’ When I told her I’m running the marathon she said ‘okay, wow!’ I think by now they have probably realised that I’m going to do the thing anyway, so might as well get on board for the ride! Mum has taught me a lot but the thing I'm most grateful for is her being there to listen with a cup of tea in hand whatever the problem is. What do you think your mum has taught you?

The latest episode of The Social Sunday podcast is out now and it's all about a thing I'm calling Future Marketing! It's less than 10 minutes long and if you'd like to listen click here.


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