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Rejection is just redirection

When was the last time you got rejected? 

This morning I was reading a book that said

'Rejection is just redirection.'

I hope that's true because I’ve been rejected a few times this week. 

I’ve lost out on clients to other businesses. 

I’ve had ideas squashed the second they’ve left my mouth. 

I’ve almost certainly been rejected by my jeans this week. 

Hannah Isted Social Media Management Barry South Wales

But each rejection, even though it’s been frustrating at the time, has led to something much bigger and better.

The clients I haven’t won meant that when a project came up that I knew I’d be perfect for I could apply and know I’d have the capacity to give it 100%. 

Squashed ideas mean we’ve come up with better suggestions and worked together to find the best solution, rather than stick to the first one that we think of. 

Rejected jeans meant I remembered a dress I haven’t worn yet and took the time to have a wardrobe clear out. 

It’s taken me awhile to realise that rejection isn’t all bad and criticism can be really helpful too, something I wasn’t that great at taking when I was fresh out of university just starting my first job. 

Now, when I get rejected especially at work, I know that something good is on the way and it will be a better fit for me. 

Not everyone is going to like everything you do and that’s okay. 

But I know that if my newsletter, blogs or even social media posts help just one person, then I’d be happy with that!

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