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What is The Six Week Marketing Fix?

It’s here! My brand new package for business owners, The Six Week Marketing Fix is live!

The Six Week Marketing Fix is six weekly one to one sessions to help you improve your marketing and reach more customers, without adding to your to do list.

When you’re running a business there’s so much to think about, which can make spending more time on marketing overwhelming.

The Six Week Marketing Fix by Hannah Isted

But letting your audience know about your business doesn’t need to feel hard.

You don’t need to be tech-savvy to start a newsletter. Creating blogs can be as easy as writing a Facebook post. Instead of waiting for your customers to find you, let’s go to them!

Stop the overwhelm, build your confidence and get the most out of the marketing you’re already doing by helping it reach more customers.

In each weekly session you’ll learn a different marketing tool that will show you how to promote your work, grow your audience and make sales.

Together we’ll get your website found on Google, your images seen on social media, your blog posts clicked on Pinterest, and find relevant PR opportunities for you and your brand.

Social media can be simple, marketing can be made easy and you CAN spend less time on your phone but get better results. I’ve been so excited to do this and the progress after just one session is amazing, but so is the relief when they realise it doesn’t have to be hard!

The Six Week Marketing Fix is £999 and if you’re interested in finding out more I’d love to have a chat and see if it could be right for you!

Send me an email on


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