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Why your milestones are holding you back

Last year I really wanted to reach my goal of getting under 30 minutes at Parkrun.

It took months, I got to 30.05 and 30.03 so many times. We even ran on Christmas Day with Bernie (not so close that time, he was very distracting for everyone 😂).

Hannah Isted Social media manager Barry, Cardiff, South Wales

And then one day FINALLY I did it and guess what?

I stopped doing Parkruns. It wasn't instant but I’d reached my goal and had nothing to aim for anymore.

What I wish I'd focussed on was the running, not the goal. Something that would mean I carried it on even when I’d reached it.

I didn't put in place a system or a routine that would mean I kept running. Now Parkun is closed for the time being, but I've started running again with no goal or aim, just to get outside.

It's interesting how often we do this.

- We work really hard to reach the next milestone on social media and then can't keep up the consistency once we've made the goal.

- We have a sales target and once we've hit it think 'that will do' and stop promoting.

- We have a weight loss goal and once we make it we relax all the ways we were being healthier.

Don’t just stop, look at what's working well. Adjust and adapt to find a routine and carry on because the system that worked to get you there is still working!

How can you create a social media routine that works for you so you’re regularly posting content that adds value for your audience?

Where have you reached a goal before and stopped?

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