Be Your Own Social Media Manager eBook

Be Your Own Social Media Manager eBook


If you're here you probably know that using social media can help you promote your business, make sales and most importantly, build a community. 

  • About this workbook

    My 'Be Your Own Social Media' ebook will help you grow your Facebook and Instagram accounts yourself, take your business on as a client and become your own Social Media Manager. 


    This is for you if…


    • You want to run your social media platforms yourself
    • You have a Facebook or Instagram account but you want it to grow 
    • You need a hand promoting your business
    • You can't afford to hire a Social Media Manager yet 
    • You like running your own accounts but just need abit of support! 


    Social Media Managers can charge anywhere from hundreds to thousands of pounds a month but this workbook teaches you how to do it yourself. 


    It's simple to read and easy to follow with beautiful illustrations and is designed for any small business who wants to be succesful on social media. 


    Get this 6000 word online workbook with 14 tasks to help you manage your own accounts and build a community using Facebook and Instagram.


    The PDF will be sent straight to your inbox so you can get started right away! 


    Here's what some of my clients have been saying... 


    'Incredibly phenomenal ebook and I would highly recommend to anyone. The great thing about it it's got me thinking and completing the task like I am new to all of this, I am really not as I am in the second year of business and using social media. I have been with Hannah since she has launched her social media workshops in Barry, which are also amazing and interactive. Hannah has given me so much confidence in using social media, creating content and since last year my engagement and followers are ALL organic. I call her the Queen of Social Media and this ebook just put the cherry on the cake for me ❤' 


    'Finding social media tips that actually work is hard. Between the podcasts, YouTube videos and blog posts out there it just all becomes noise. Buying Hannah’s book was a great decision, its so easy to follow and a pleasure to work through and above all else... it works!'


    ‘I really enjoyed Hannah’s book, it gave me lots of insight into the world of social media and I saw results even when I had only completed a handful of the tasks. It’s great value for money as it’s a whole course for only £29.99 and the advice inside is priceless! It has given me not only the confidence that I will succeed as my own social media manager, but also the motivation to aspire for goals that I didn’t think I could reach by myself!’


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