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Back to business Bottcamp

A 2 week daily course to kickstart your motivation

19th Sept – 2nd Oct 2022

•  Boost your motivation

•  Increase your productivity

•  Get back to business this September

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Back to Business Bootcamp is a 2-week daily course to kickstart your motivation and make the most of that September energy.

Sign up and over 2 weeks you’ll receive daily sessions with challenges, prompts, accountability and support to help you set goals for the final quarter and move closer to achieving them.


Think of it as daily motivation, me popping up and saying hi 👋 you can do this and I'm watching! 

This is for you if.... 


  • You need a virtual kick up the butt 

  • You want to promote your business but you have no idea what to do each day 

  • You want to be told the steps to take to get results 

  • You don't get much done without accountability

  • You want to get prepared for Christmas 

  • You want to be part of a group where no question is silly and you get daily support

If you have no idea what you should be doing each day...

How often do you sit down at your laptop with no clue where to start on your business?

Bootcamps are successful because you don’t need to think about what comes next. The trainer does all the thinking for you.


My Back to Business Bootcamp is perfect for anyone who wants to go into September knowing exactly what they are doing to promote their business each day.

Do you want to hit the ground running, build momentum and improve your marketing ready for a brilliant Christmas?


If you need a kick up the butt and someone to tell you exactly what to do for 2 weeks, with the support of an amazing group of business owners, this is for you.

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If you really need a virtual kick up the butt this September...

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Together we’ll make progress in our business and build momentum for the rest of the year.


You’ll be encouraged to complete as many tasks as you can on our leaderboard with prizes and surprises, and there will be live calls in the group to keep you on track.

This is a team effort, but it will get competitive!

If we’ve ever worked together before you’ll know I like to keep things stress-free, just do what you can and relaxed.

The Back to Business Bootcamp won’t be like that.

When you sign up you’re making a commitment to yourself to give this your focus and attention and make progress in your business over the 2 weeks.

I want you all to feel like you’ve achieved what you set out to achieve at the start of the bootcamp, and the only way to do that is by getting stuff done!

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Hardwork with
no working out

no burpees

 A 2-week sprint
with no sprinting

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How does it work?

The Back to Business Bootcamp will be taking place in my private 'The Best 90 Days Ever' Facebook group which is already full of amazing small businesses. 

If you want quick daily marketing tips, a fun environment and the accountability of a great group, come and join us!

You'll get... 

  • A daily marketing prompt 

  • Challenges and competitions

  • A leaderboard to motivate you

  • Regular live videos to keep you on track

  • A dedicated Facebook community 

Back to Business Bootcamp is £20 and we start on 19th September. 

To have a chat and see if this could be for you, email me on


Hannah and The Best 90 Days Ever has been such a great help! Sometimes trying to reach your goals or thinking of ways to market your business can be so overwhelming, and Hannah helps break it down into small manageable things you can do each day, that help move your business and life forward. There's been so many things that I wouldn't have thought of or haven't tried before! Not only do you get the prompts but Hannah is always there to help with questions, the community is really supportive and work-along sessions have been great for actually getting stuff done. So glad it's carrying on for the year!! 

— Lucy

About HI Communications

My name is Hannah Isted and I run HI Communications. For the past 5 years I’ve taught hundreds of small businesses everything I know about digital marketing. 

Using social media management, website design, workshops and one to one meetings I’ve:


  • Launched a digital magazine Barry Magazine to support small business owners and promote them locally 

  • Been featured in Fabulous Magazine and on the front page of Women’s Own

  • Helped businesses grow audiences online that support and buy from them with my Be Your Own Social Media Manager eBook 

  • Helped my client make over £30k in one month on their website

  • Grown my Pinterest to over 300k views a month 

  • Supported an amazing community of small business owners 

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