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The 5 Day Newsletter Fix

5 days to start an email newsletter that sells

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Sending your emails

Sending your emails

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Adding your opt in button

Adding your opt in button

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Creating a header for your newsletter

Creating a header for your newsletter

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5 Day Newsletter Fix for Small Business

You just need to START

A year on my newsletter is now fundamental in my business. But at the start I thought... 

  • It would take ages to set up 

  • I couldn't understand the tech 

  • I didn't know where to start 

  • I didn’t know what to write about 

  • What on earth are lead magnets, GDPR, open rates, bounce backs and unsubscribes?!

Now I want to help you. 


The 5 Day Newsletter Fix is a course that will take you through my step by step guide to starting your own email newsletter. 

If you join us, you WILL have a newsletter at the end of the week. 

What will we cover?

Starting 21st June, over 5 days I’ll teach you these newsletter essentials so you can get started, get subscribers and get selling. 

Day One - Starting your list and creating a landing page so that your audience can subscribe. 

Day Two - Designing and branding your newsletter so it feels like you and your business. 


Day Three - Understanding GDPR and the legal bits in a simple way. 

Day Four - Writing your newsletter and always finding content ideas.

Day Five - Sending your newsletter and the best way to get your audience to open it.

Follow these 5 days and you WILL have a newsletter!  

I'll be teaching you the topics with live videos and worksheets. I'll be there in the Facebook group to support you if you have any questions.

If you're ready to start a newsletter but you need support and accountability, the 5 Day Newsletter Fix is for you! 


How does it work?

This course is for a business at any stage. You don't need a website to get started. 

I promise it won't be technical, but you will have fun, my support and the accountability of a great group. 

You'll also get 

  • Daily group calls 

  • Action steps

  • Your questions answered 

  • Daily worksheets 

  • A dedicated Facebook community 

  • Access for 6 months after


These daily sessions will be held in a private Facebook group for 5 days.

To have a chat and see if this could be for you, email me on

Frequently Asked Questions

What time are the sessions? 

There will be two live videos each day. One in the morning at 10:30am where I’ll show you the task for the day and one in the evening at 7pm to answer any questions you might have. If you can’t make those times the videos will be recorded and they will be available in the group. There will also be a daily workbook if you prefer to read the instructions and I’ll be answering any questions you have throughout the day! 


How long will it take? 

It depends on how long you have to give. If you want to read the workbooks and speed through you could do it in 30 minutes to 1 hour each day. But, I would recommend spending an hour each day on the tasks to make sure you are happy with them. Remember this is the start of your newsletter so it will change and grow over time. You can always come back to edit each section later on. 


Does it matter if I miss a live call? 

No, but it would be great to have you on the calls! If you can’t make those times you can still take part by watching the recorded videos, reading the workbooks and joining in the discussions in the group. I totally understand that not everyone will be able to make those times so there are other options available for you. 


How long will the group be available? 

You will have access to the group for 6 months after the course to give you a chance to go back over anything. 

I don't have products to sell, does that matter? 

No, this course is perfect for product AND service based businesses, charities, groups - basically anyone with news to share!


'Absolutely loved your newsletter course! I learned so much and was so pleased that I was able to create my newsletter in just a few days, when previously I thought it would be a long, down out process. Thank you, Hannah'

— Alex

A bit about me

My name is Hannah Isted and I run HI Communications. For the past 4 years I’ve taught hundreds of small businesses everything I know about digital marketing. 


Using social media management, website design, workshops and one to one meetings I’ve


  • Launched a digital magazine Barry Magazine to support small business owners and promote them locally 

  • Been featured in Fabulous Magazine and on the front page of Women’s Own

  • Helped businesses grow audiences online that support and buy from them with my Be Your Own Social Media Manager eBook 

  • Helped my client make over £30k in one month on their website

  • Grown my Pinterest to over 300k views a month 

  • Supported an amazing community of small business owners 

5 Day Newsletter Fix for Small Business

Want to find out more?

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