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Digital Products

Are you feeling overwhelmed with your marketing? 

Take a look at my marketing courses designed for small businesses who want to improve their marketing, consistency and creativity. 


Trello Monthly Content Planner - £25


A Morning of Marketing - £30


Easy Launching with Trello - £10

If you struggle to create a consistent monthly content plan, this template will save the day! It comes with a month of content prompts labelled with themes to cover, a system to store your content to reuse it again and videos to guide you. 

Trello is free to use and once you create this monthly plan you can use it again and again. 

My favourite part is the random post generator for when you don't know what to say! 

This is a £30 recorded content creation session with 15 individual video prompts to help you batch create content for social media, blogs, email marketing, videos and reels.


Each prompt has a recorded video with suggestions for how to write the post and advice to get you started. Often just writing the first line is the most difficult so this course will solve that problem!

In this short course you'll receive a free planning template in Trello and quick, actionable videos (totalling under 30 minutes) to help you plan your next launch. 


This is a quick guide to creating a launch plan that saves you time, energy and you can use over and over again. The better prepared, the less energy your launch will take!


Prefer to work One-to-one?

If you're not ready to outsource your business marketing but need some support, help with content or you want to get your ideas out of your head, a one to one session can help you to focus and save time when running a business. 

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