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While you're here, have you seen my new course?

Be Your Own
Social Media Manager

Stop the overwhelm & start sharing 

A 4 week course
beginning 19th January 2022

Are you struggling with your social media management?


You know social media is important for your business but… 

  • You're feeling overwhelmed

  • It’s taking too long 

  • You can’t keep your consistency going

  • You don't feel creative

  • You’re not getting the results and sales 

  • You have so many other things to do!  

You've considered outsourcing your social media but…

  • You can’t afford the cost

  • You don't want to lose your tone of voice

  • You don’t want to give up the control 

  • You won't find someone who knows your style

  • You know you can do it yourself, you just don’t know where to start 

5 Day Newsletter Fix for Small Business

You just need support

Social media is important for your business, but it doesn't mean you need to outsource to get the best results.

Let me show you how to.... 

  • Create content consistently 

  • Have the confidence to show up as you

  • Know what to share and when

  • Create content you're excited to share

Now I want to help you. 


I've been a Social Media Manager for over 5 years, but I believe every business can learn the tools to be able to successfully promote themselves online. However that looks for you, I want to share what I've learnt to help you grow. 

Join us for 4 weeks of practical learning and a supportive community starting 19th January to help you feel confident marketing your business. You'll come away with a plan to know you'll be consistently promoting your business all year.

What will we cover?

Starting 19th January, over 4 weeks I’ll teach you the skills you need to become your own social media manager. You'll get all the results without the monthly cost. 

WEEK 1   Creating Content

Learn how to create engaging content that your audience wants to see. We'll cover different types of high-quality content so you, and your customers, will never get bored again! 

WEEK 3   Confident Content

If you wish you could show up confidently on social media and look for new opportunities to grow your audience, this week is for you. I'll help you feel excited to share your content and know that you're using social media effectively. 

WEEK 2   Consistent Content 

Do you ever post for a few days in a row but run out of steam? I'll show you how to promote your business consistently, without it taking time away from your family and the rest of your business. 

WEEK 4   Continuous Content

The most important week! You'll leave with a plan so you can continue to promote your business all year. I'll show you the methods social media managers use to stay on track and keep growing your business, without the monthly cost. 

Follow these 4 weeks and you'll be promoting your business like a social media manager!  

I'll be teaching you the topics each week with live videos every Wednesday at 8pm and worksheets for you to follow along. I'll be there in the Facebook group with our small business community to support you if you have any questions.

If you want to improve your social media but you're not ready to outsource,  Be Your Own Social Media Manager is for you! 


How does it work?

This course is for a business at any stage that would like to improve their social media skills. 

You will be looking to spend less time on social media while still getting the results of outsourcing to a social media manager - without the monthly cost.

Save money and time, have fun and get my support and the accountability of a great group. 

You'll also get 

  • 1 weekly group task call

  • Regular Q&A sessions

  • Action steps

  • A dedicated Facebook community 

  • Access for 1 year after


These weekly sessions will be held in a private Facebook group and on Zoom for 4 weeks starting 19th January.

The course is £295 until the end of December 2021 and payment plans are available. On January 1st the cost will be £349. 

To have a chat and see if this could be for you, email me on

Payment Plans

No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What time are the sessions? 

The hour long sessions will take place once a week over Zoom on a Wednesday at 8pm. There will be a replay available so you do not have to watch live, although I'd love to have you there! There will also be a weekly Q&A session live in the group to answer any questions you might have. I will be in the group regularly to help you and our supportive community will also be on hand so you'll never be on your own. 


How long will it take? 

Each session will be 1 hour but the aim of the course is to reduce how long your marketing is taking you and get better results. The amount of time each person will have to spend on their marketing varies, but I hope that by the end you'll be spending less time online and more time working on other parts of your business or doing the things you love to do. 


Does it matter if I miss a live call? 

No, but it would be great to have you on the calls! If you can’t make those times you can still take part by watching the recorded videos, reading the workbooks and joining in the discussions in the group. I totally understand that not everyone will be able to make those times so there are other options available for you. 


How long will the group be available? 

You will have access to the group for 1 year after the course to give you a chance to go back over anything. 

I don't have products to sell, does that matter? 

No, this course is perfect for product AND service based businesses, charities, groups - basically anyone who is using social media to promote their business!


'Absolutely loved your newsletter course! I learned so much and was so pleased that I was able to create my newsletter in just a few days, when previously I thought it would be a long, down out process. Thank you, Hannah' 

— Alex

About HI Communications

My name is Hannah Isted and I run HI Communications. For the past 5 years I’ve taught hundreds of small businesses everything I know about digital marketing. 

Using social media management, website design, workshops and one to one meetings I’ve


  • Launched a digital magazine Barry Magazine to support small business owners and promote them locally 

  • Been featured in Fabulous Magazine and on the front page of Women’s Own

  • Helped businesses grow audiences online that support and buy from them with my Be Your Own Social Media Manager eBook 

  • Helped my client make over £30k in one month on their website

  • Grown my Pinterest to over 300k views a month 

  • Supported an amazing community of small business owners 

5 Day Newsletter Fix for Small Business

Want to find out more?

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