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100 days of 2020

There's only 100 days left of 2020! How are you going to spend it?

I've joined a challenge for the last 100 days and the first prompt is to see how you'd rate your life right now from 1-10

I like to split it up and think about how I feel about my business, relationships, house, money, even the dogs (10 out of 10 for Tilly obviously).

How are you feeling about your business in the final part of the year?

Do you think there are ways you could improve, but you have no idea where to start?

There are loads of content opportunities coming up, like Halloween, Christmas and New Year. While they might not look the same as usual there are still ways to make sales and promote your business.

If you need some ideas and a supportive push my eBook can help you plan your Facebook and Instagram marketing ready for the rest of 2020.


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