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21 ways to promote your business in 10 minutes or less

Short on time? Feeling overwhelmed with your marketing and don’t know where to start? Want some quick and easy wins for your business? 

This is where 10-minute marketing comes in. 

I first started 10-minute marketing when I noticed I was wasting little pockets of time throughout the day by scrolling on my phone. 

Whether I was waiting for the kettle to boil, standing in a queue or an advert had popped up on TV, I would instantly reach for my phone for an Instagram fix. 

We don’t have to be productive 24/7, but I noticed these pockets of time were really adding up and it could mean hours each day were wasted when I knew there was something better I could be doing with that time. 

I decided to create The Best 90 Days Ever, a marketing membership with a daily 10-minute task to help you consistently promote your business and grow your audience. 

It’s since been turned into a book and in this blog post I want to share 21 ways you could promote your business in just 10-minutes a day.

Some are in the book and membership, some are brand new! I’d love to know which ones you’re going to try.

1. Create a who, what, where, when, why post

One of my favourite ways to promote a new offer or even a current one that you want to share the spotlight on is by creating a ‘who, what, where, when, why post’ 

You focus on answering these questions and it can be used for a carousel on Instagram, an email, or even a blog post like this one. 

Here’s some prompts to get you started 

Who - Who is your offer for and who isn’t it for? 

What - What actually is it? What is included? What happens when you sign up? 

Where - Where is it held? Where can they find it? 

When - When does it start? When would they need it? 

Why - Why would they want it? Why wouldn’t they want it.

I love to start my launches for The Best 90 Days Ever in this way!

2. Record a live video

I’m throwing you in at the deep end on our second task and encouraging you to record a live video. This could be on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok or any other platform you’re currently using. 

The reason why going live is such a great tool for 10-minute marketing is that it takes the time that it takes. There’s no editing and you often don’t even need to prepare what you’re going to say. Just get on a live and speak for 10-minutes. Bish, bash, bosh you’re done. 

3. Repurpose a long form piece of content

In The Best 90 Days Ever we speak a lot about repurposing content. It’s one of the many ways you can make marketing much quicker and easier. A great way to do this is to take one piece of long form content like a blog post or an email newsletter and pick out some parts of it to use again. 

As an example I could reuse this blog post as 21 individual ideas for Threads, or put each tip over a video to use as a reel. I’ve even recorded the top 14 tips as a daily 10-minute podcast which you can find when you search The Social Sunday podcast. 

4. Share a post that's been sat in your drafts

Deep breaths. I know you probably have one. Head into your drafts and share something you haven’t shared yet. It could be on social media, but I personally know there are some really great blogs sitting in my drafts that just need 10-minutes of tweaking before they’re ready to go. 

Be brave and give that post it's time to shine. 

5. Copy and paste a post from this time last year

One of my favourite ways to create content quickly is by reusing something I’ve already written. This doesn’t need to be complicated and most of us will talk about similar topics across the seasons of the year. My Christmas content, summer content and launch content always has a similar message so I can reuse it each year. 

Go back to this time last year, you can pick the exact date if you want to, and see if there is something you can use again. This doesn’t need to take long, you could copy and paste a caption and use a new photo, or take a message from a reel and put it over a new video.

Your content shouldn’t be single use, try and squeeze the juice from it and use it again. 

6. Share one of your key messages over a piece of b-roll video

This is a super easy way to create a piece of content that feels relevant and seasonal. You can either go out and take a quick 10 second video, or have a look back through your phone camera album and see if there is anything you can repurpose. 

When you’ve got your video, think about the key messages you want to share with your audience right now. It could be talking about an objection they might have to your offer or service, answering a question you are often asked or sharing a win from one of your clients. Make it something simple, short and scroll stopping. 

7. Look at #JournoRequest

If one of your goals is to get more press for your business this 90 days, having a look on #JournoRequest is a great way to do it.

Go onto X (formally known as Twitter) and search #JournoRequest. You’ll find journalists and other people who are writing articles looking for people to feature. Some of the requests are very specific so it’s worth checking regularly to find opportunities. Through #JournoRequest I had a double page spread in Women’s Own about my 5p toilet! 

8. Share an Instagram story with an engagement sticker

One of the top questions I hear in The Best 90 Days Ever is ‘how can I get more engagement?’ and I wish there was a one size fits all solution, but there are lots of options. The best place to start is often by giving your audience more opportunities to engage with you.

You can do this on Instagram stories by using a sticker. Stickers can be question boxes, polls, sliders, countdowns, there are loads of options! Have a play around and see which ones work the best for you. 

9. Pitch to someone you would love to collaborate with

Is there someone in your industry you would love to work with? Maybe a podcast you enjoy that you could pitch to? Now is the time to do it!

Once you’ve created your pitch, it can be pretty quick and easy to send it. We actually did this as a task in The Best 90 Days Ever membership. Throughout the week they were given tasks to create a pitch and at the end of the week they could send their pitch to me to review. 

One of our members sent in their pitch and I then suggested an event they could speak at. Their pitch was accepted and 6 weeks later they were up there speaking! 

10. Write a 10-minute email

Email marketing is one of those tasks that everyone thinks needs to take a long time. Honestly? Some of the best emails I’ve written have taken me 10-minutes to write, or at least get down a first draft. 

They usually come when someone in my audience has asked a question that I know I can answer quickly and easily. I might even copy my answer to them and use it as part of an email! 

Emails don’t need to be long every time. They can be quick, easy and simple too. See how much you can get done in 10-minutes. 

11. Share your email sign up form

Genuine question - when was the last time you shared your email sign up form? We spend so much time making sure our emails are great and packed with value, we forget to tell people to actually sign up for them. 

This is your reminder to pop your sign up form on your stories, on Threads, on Linkedin, anywhere that means someone new can find it. They might not seek out your emails, but if you show them where they can sign up they are much more likely to join! 

12. Think about 5 questions to ask your ideal clients

One of the most underrated resources is the clients we already have. If you’ve built good relationships with your ideal clients then it’s likely they might be willing to help you by answering a few questions about your current or new offer. 

Think about what's going to get the best answers and leave them room to explain more if they can. This has helped me to massively improve The Best 90 Days Ever and also create new offers that I knew my audience wanted, because they told me! 

13. Improve your call to action

Check back over your last 9 posts and see if you included a call to action. If you did, well done! If you didn’t, spend 10-minutes brainstorming what they could be. These don’t always have to be sales focussed, especially if you don’t have anything you’re currently promoting. 

You could encourage people to join your email list, sign up for a freebie, send you a DM, comment something below. There are lots of options to choose from but let you audience know what you’d like them to do once they’ve finished reading your content. 

14. Check everything on your website works correctly

Set your timer for 10-minutes and go through your website looking for parts of it that aren’t working correctly. You can even get a friend to check it too. I like to encourage members of The Best 90 Days Ever to ‘break’ each other's websites and look for links that aren’t working or parts that are outdated. 

You’ll be surprised how many people are wondering why they aren't selling but their checkout doesn’t work, or aren’t getting new subscribers because their email form is broken 

15. Revisit your welcome sequence

If you have an email welcome sequence make sure to pop it in your diary to check it regularly. These can often go out of date quickly, stop working or even promote an offer that you don’t have anymore. 

If you don’t have a welcome sequence you could spend these 10 minutes thinking about what your next one could be. 

16. Be engaging

In The Best 90 Days Ever we also do weekend tasks and this is a great example of a task that you can complete on a weekend morning with a cup of tea in bed. 

Go on to your favourite platform and reply to some stories or posts. Give yourself 10-minutes to do this and enjoy chatting to other people! We all want engagement but when was the last time you gave it out yourself? 


17. Promote your business in person

Give yourself 10-minutes today to look for ways you can promote your business in person, not just online. Meeting people in person can be a great way to connected and it also gives you some content to share on your social media the next day too! 

Are there any local events you could go to? Networking? If you are a product business could you have a stall at a market? This task is just about looking and researching, I know you’re going to be networking for more than 10 minutes! 

18. Follow up on any pitches, emails or proposals

This is definitely one to add to your monthly or quarterly list. If you have been pitching recently, follow them up! Many people need a reminder so don’t be afraid to get back in touch and see if they're interested. 

Some of my favourite pitches have happened because I wasn't afraid to send that extra email.

19. Share a review or testimonial

When was the last time you shared a review? Reviews are great for building trust and showing that your offer actually exists!

If you don’t have any testimonials, why not give yourself 10 minutes to contact a previous client and ask for one you can use on your website and in your marketing? Remember testimonials are not single use either, you can reuse them multiple times. 

20. Set up a template that is going to save you time

Templates save a HUGE amount of time and although they might take slightly longer to set up, the amount they save in the future is so worth it. You could create a story template to help you share your newsletter link, a carousel template, or even an email template. 

Think about the areas of your business that you would like to save time on and look at creating a template for them. There are lots of brilliant templates to explore on Adobe Express and Canva, just make sure you add in your brand colours! 

21. Every day this week write 100 words of your next blog post

Our final task is to write a blog post. Don’t worry, I know it’s pretty tough to write a blog post in 10-minutes so here’s how you’re going to do it. 

Every day write at least 100 words in your 10-minute time slot. I think you’ll write more than 100, but see how you go. By the end of the week you’ll have 700 words and a blog post ready to edit and share!

Sometimes it’s not about seeing how much we can squeeze into 10-minutes, it’s about breaking down overwhelming marketing tasks into chunks that we can actually achieve. 

There we have it! 21 ways you can promote your business in 10-minutes a day.

If you enjoyed these come and join us for The Best 90 Days Ever where you’ll get a daily 10-minute marketing task in our supportive community. Click here to find out more. 


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