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3 easy ways to reuse your content

You’ll often find me on social media saying you should be reusing your content across all of your marketing platforms.

Not only does it help to reenforce your message by repeating it often, but it will save you time, energy and help you to feel like creating content is less of a chore.

But what does it ACTUALLY mean to reuse your content?

It’s all very well to share that you should be doing it, but how do you reuse your content to market your business?

We often have a habit of overcomplicating things, so here are my 3 tips for reusing content that keep your marketing as simple as possible.

1. Copy and paste

Seriously. It’s that simple. Why do we try and make things so much harder for ourselves?

There are times when a simple copy and paste is more than okay. If you have a value packed Instagram caption from 6 months ago that you want to share, you can copy and paste it and repost it today. If you want to mix it up a little bit, change the image or graphic but keep the caption the same.

If you have a blog that has great information you can copy parts and use it for a newsletter or share your newsletter on your blog. Your Instagram stories and reels can be copied and shared on Pinterest. Keep it as simple as possible when it comes to promoting your business but be mindful of the type of content that will do well on each individual platform.

The key thing to remember is that all of our audience does not see all of our posts.

Your followers will also follow lots of other people, potentially thousands of others. It’s likely they won’t see every single one of your posts, and if they do, do you really think they will remember?

If anyone does notice that you’ve reused a post, isn’t that a good thing? It means the message sunk in 6 months ago so much that they recognise it now.

Use your analytics to see which of your posts have resonated the most with your audience and share them again this week to continue to promote the same marketing message.

2. Breaking it down

The second way to reuse your content is to take a larger piece and break it down into smaller chunks.

Blogs like this one are a great example because they are easy to work with. These three tips could be used for an Instagram carousel post, or even three individual posts.

You could pick one of the tips and turn it into a newsletter and then link through to the full blog post on your website.

When you have a longer piece of content there are often little pieces of gold that are perfect to share on another platform.

You might record a podcast and find there’s a sound bite that would be informative for your Instagram stories or use the audio for a grid post on Instagram. You could turn it into a quote for a graphic and find something relatable that your audience is likely to want to share.

Draw people in and tease your audience with information that will encourage them to click through and read the full article. If you can get a good idea of what a blog is going to be about from a post on social media then you are more likely to click through and read it.

The main purpose of reusing your content is to save time, so if you’ve already spent the time writing a long piece of content, make the most of it and repurpose it into as many smaller parts as possible.

3. Build it up!

My favourite way to reuse content is to start really small with one idea and then see how many different ways you can talk about it.

It could be something as small as a word like ‘Overwhelm’. Think to yourself, how can I make this a theme of a podcast, blog, Instagram post, reel, social media graphic? The list goes on.

If you need inspiration start by writing down your word or theme and then everything else that comes to mind until you run out of ideas.

It could be a time you felt like that and you overcame it, some tips on how to avoid it, your methods and processes or a solution you have for your audience. Think about the who, what, why, when and how.

Soon you’ll have plenty of ideas that can be used across all of your marketing platforms and a consistent message that is repeated for your audience to understand.

If you record a funny reel, can that message be changed into a blog?

If you record a great podcast, can it become a newsletter too?

Once you’ve written one piece of content you might find that you receive comments that change your mind or show an opinion that you hadn’t already thought of. They could spark another idea that in turn creates another new post or a way to expand and build on what you’ve already written.

Squeeze the juice out of that content and make it work for you!

Content ideas are everywhere you just need to be aware, look around and notice where the stories are that you can tell people. Spend time looking at other’s people’s content and notice where they are re-sharing and re-using content too. I bet it's more often than you think!

Marketing can be simple, you just need to find the method that works the best for you and reusing content is one of the most effective ways I use to share my message.

Why not see for yourself? Visit my Instagram page or Podcast and look at the different messages there.


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