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30 things to write about in your newsletters

When you're starting your email newsletter, one of the things that stops us is thinking...

‘But what would I even write about?’

It’s something I asked before I started my newsletter too, so here’s 30 ideas to get you going.

Your products

Introduce you

Introduce your team

Helpful tips

Something you've learnt this week

A story

Your new opening times

Your services

A tutorial or guide

A product you love

How your week has gone

A myth about your industry

An event (like half term or Easter)

A promotion

An offer for your list

A podcast

A social media post

A quote you love

A blog post

What you've watched on TV this week

A testimonial

A video

A book you've read

Industry news

Another small business

A business or service you love

A review

A business tool you use

Your favourite gif

and finally, dogs ALWAYS do well.

The 5 Day Newsletter Fix is a course that will teach you to create a landing page, design a newsletter, learn about GDPR, write your newsletter and SEND it.

If you’re on the fence send me a message and let’s chat. If you’re ready to feel confident marketing your business and get started with your first newsletter, sign up to The 5 Day Newsletter Fix here.


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