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5 things that are stopping you from starting a newsletter

Email marketing is not a new idea. Businesses have been using emails to promote and sell for years, with massive results.

Some have grown a huge email list of potential customers, but the best thing about newsletters is that they work for pretty much every business, big or small.

We all receive marketing emails, whether it’s from H&M trying to tempt you with a sale, to your favourite independent shop reminding you of their new opening times.

But whilst we all receive emails and know the benefits (if you say you’ve never bought something from an email, I probably won’t believe you) there still seems to be something holding us back.

Does starting a newsletter fall to the bottom of your list and never gets done?

The 5 Day Newsletter Fix will have you setting up a newsletter in just 5 days. No more procrastinating about it or saving it for another week, this course is quick, fun and easy.

Let’s get you sending emails that sell.

Here are 5 things that I bet are stopping you from starting a newsletter right now.

1. The word newsletter

Some people hate the word newsletter. I’ve seen posts on Instagram saying the word is wrong or outdated and I’ll be honest, I’ve considered changing the name of the course plenty of times!

But here is a definition for newsletter....

‘A newsletter is a printed or electronic report containing news concerning the activities of a business or an organisation that is sent to its members, customers, employees or other subscribers.’

That sounds like my Social Sunday newsletter to me.

The other thing that stops people is that they feel like it needs to be ‘news’. Your emails can include whatever you want them to. I’ll often write about something that has happened that day and my friend Clair shared an email recently about a fart.

Don’t stress about the content of your newsletter being groundbreaking news. Just share an update with us, tell us what you’ve been up to, your new products or services and how we can work together.

If the word newsletter is stopping you, swap it for email marketing, promo, updates or I’ve even seen email blast, although I’m not sure The 5 Day Email Blast Fix has the same ring to it!

2. The tech side of emails

If I’m honest, this is what stopped me for over 3 years. I was so convinced I needed to create a complicated funnel, sync up all the parts of my website/social media/emails and the words ‘landing pages’ had me questioning whether all the faff was worth it or not.

But I promise you, it isn’t hard to get started. Everyone who has done the course before has managed the tech side and I’m sure they won’t mind me saying, there are some VERY varying skills in the group.

Start small and simple so that you can build your confidence and if there are parts you don’t understand, find someone who can help you.

I managed to set mine up on a train ride to Manchester and I’ve streamlined this process now so that it takes less than 5 days to teach you about landing pages, GDPR, content, templates and more.

Don’t let the tech side of anything put you off, if other people figured it out, so can you.

3. You don’t know what to say

It’s all very well starting a newsletter, but what do you even write in it every time?

The best part about emails is that they are the perfect way to reuse content.

Shared something brilliant on Facebook? - Get it in an email

Recorded a great podcast with another business? - Get it in an email

Written a blog post that will be helpful? - Get it in an email

You bet this blog will be going out in this Sunday’s The Social Sunday newsletter.

Please make marketing easier for yourself and reuse your content across your platforms.

We miss posts, the algorithm stops us or we were just too busy when you first posted it. Try and try again and know that you’ll never run out of content.

4. You don’t know how often to post or if you’ll have time

If this is the main reason that’s stopping you from starting a newsletter then I’m sorry to say, you better get that newsletter sorted!

The beauty of emails is that they fit in around you and your business.

I’ve received monthly bulletins, daily quotes, weekly newsletters and random updates when a business feels like it.

The best way to find out how often to post is to get started and see how you feel.

If the content is flowing and you’re happy to reuse your posts from social media to save time, you might find weekly works for you.

If the thought of setting rules about how often to send it worries you, have a target to aim for.

Use emails as a tool to sell, but one that fits in with the rest of your work and business too.

5. You’re worried no one will read it

What makes email marketing so useful for businesses is how specific it is.

On Instagram and Facebook you put posts out and hope for the best that your audience will see them and engage with them.

With email marketing you can see exactly who has opened your emails, unsubscribed, clicked the links and how many times. It’s a great way of seeing what content is working and getting your audience to click on it and what isn’t catching their eye.

You'll never know how many people could be opening your emails until you start, but what an exciting thought? There is a whole new audience out there ready for to you connect with, now if you needed any reason to start, that is it!

Email marketing has so many positive benefits and it can be a brilliant tool to use for your business to help you grow your audience and increase sales.

If you’d like to get your newsletter sorted, join us for my 5 day course which you can do at any time, The 5 Day Newsletter Fix

Get your emails sorted once and for all!


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