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An unpopular social media opinion

We’re definitely heading into winter now, aren’t we?

Bonfire Night has passed and the temperature has dropped. It’s time to get the hot water bottles and candles out!

Just kidding, we all know they’ve been there anyway.

Today I am a little bit nervous about this newsletter because I think I’m going to give you some tough love.

I don’t think I’m one for writing unpopular opinions very often (although blueberries? Overrated) but this is something I've been thinking about this week.

When I was researching my new course, over 50% in my survey said they didn’t feel like they got a return on investment with the time they spend on social media.

But I’m not surprised.

How can we get a return when we’re using SO MUCH of our time?

To match the hours we're spending online, the return is going to have to be pretty huge.

Lots of us spend ages on the parts of social media that aren’t really getting us results and then sit there scrolling the rest of the time waiting for the action to happen.

How about we share our time a little more evenly with the rest of our marketing?

Enjoy the time that we spend online so it doesn’t feel like a chore?

Get excited about the content we’re going to post, and then carry on with the rest of our day?

If you’re not getting a return on investment ask yourself....

How much time am I spending on the things that don’t matter?

Be really honest with yourself. You could even track your hours for the next week and see where you’re actually spending your time online.

What are my expectations?

If you’re hoping to sell out a new course but you’ve only told people about it twice, it’s probably not social media that’s not working. Are your expectations too high for the work you're willing to put in?

Do I need some help?

If your content isn't working, you might want to bring in someone that can help you. It doesn't mean you need to outsource but it's always good to learn new skills and stay up to date.

This is where I tell you about my new 4-week course, Be Your Own Social Media Manager starting 19th January!

Get better results, spend less time and create consistent content, without the monthly cost of a Social Media Manager.

We'll be covering...

WEEK 1 - Creating Content

WEEK 2 - Consistent Content

WEEK 3 - Confident Content

WEEK 4 - Continuous Content

The course is at a lower price until the end of the year and on January 1st it will be going up. There are 3 payment plans available starting from just £99, so click here to book your place and join us!


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