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Are we having fun yet?

One of my friends emailed me this week (and I’m sure that she won’t mind me mentioning this) and said...

‘my fury at social media may be something we have to address 😅’

The funny thing is that I hear something like this a lot.

It’s so common for people to find social media draining, a chore, overwhelming, boring, exhausting, and it even makes them angry.

When did we lose the fun and enjoyment from spending time online?

When Clair and I decided to work together, one of our biggest aims was to create something that made marketing simple, fun and enjoyable again.

(It’s why we decided to call it Marketing and Mindset Made Easy!)

The magic with marketing happens when we’re having fun and being ourselves online, because it makes it easier to promote the products and services that we love.

But we often feel like we’re fighting against the algorithm, trying to be consistent and keeping up with the updates thrown our way every month.

You CAN enjoy social media and marketing your business again. You can have fun growing your audience, selling more products, getting more bookings and having a successful business.

Here are a few tips to help you…

  • Stop looking at the analytics for awhile

  • Take the pressure off and post consistently for YOU

  • Plan ahead so you know you have content to share

  • Ask for help!

I know we’re still enjoying summer at the moment (apparently) but I want to mention a free 3-day challenge Clair and I are running in September.

If you're ready to get back to business and kickstart your marketing, we'll show you 3 tasks to help you get clear on what you want to achieve, grow your audience and create content to help them.

There are no live videos to watch. No Facebook groups. Nothing tacky or annoying and no hard sell.

Just a daily task sent to you by email for 3 days starting on 6th September.

If you liked A Month of Marketing I think you’ll really like this too.


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