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Are you playing games with me?

Are you feeling a bit meh about your marketing?

I thought that September would bring that back-to-school feeling but it seems like there’s a big dose of ‘meh’ in the air!

You might have seen on my Instagram last month I spoke about making marketing fun again.

If you’re finding marketing boring it’s the last thing you’ll want to spend your time doing.

But there are ways to make it fun and bring that spark back again.

My favourite is making it into a game.

You just need to find what brings you joy, like challenges, rewards, and charts.

I love to have a handmade chart and draw the people that have signed up for a course, or give myself a reward when I complete a task, even if it’s just a cup of tea!

But my favourite is setting myself a challenge to do something every day.

The Minimalists have a 30-day minimalism game where you declutter one thing on day 1, two things on day 2, and go on for as long as you can.

It makes it so much more fun than just spending the whole day tidying up.

And why is it so much better to have an advent calendar with delicious chocolate every day rather than eat 24 in one go?

Setting a challenge to do something every day makes it fun, achievable and if there are other people they can keep you accountable too.

For the next 3 months, I’m running The Best 90 Days Ever. 90 daily prompts, tasks, and challenges to help you improve your marketing for the end of the year.

Each week is split into a theme and you’ll get a daily task that should only take between 10-30 minutes. By the end of the year, you’ll have done 90 positive things for your business!

We’ve got lots of lovely businesses signed up already so if you need a boost for the final part of the year with something simple and sustainable, come and join us and keep yourself accountable.

The cost is £34.99 and you can book your place on my website here. We start on 2nd October.

I really want to finish this year on a high! If you do too, click here to join us and have The Best 90 Days Ever.

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