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Big Problems, Small Solutions

Happy Halloween! 🎃

This week I was listening to a podcast by The Minimalists with Mel Robbins.

She said something while I was cooking dinner which made me stop and write it down immediately.

‘We make the mistake of thinking if our problems are big, the solutions must be too’

I can think of so many examples when this has felt true for me and it’s usually when I’m feeling overwhelmed.

But often the answer is something so small that has a huge impact.

This week I shared that I’d been putting off going to the post office, a job that I thought would take all afternoon and actually took 20 minutes.

There will always be things that feel like a bigger issue than they are, then our pipe burst on Monday and we really DID have issues!

I overestimate how long many things will take and then feel surprised when I’m done after 10 minutes.

So, if you're anything like me, I thought I’d make a list of a few things you can get done in 10 minutes that you might think will take ages!

1. Copy and paste an old post and change the picture

2. Write a new post (go on, I bet you can)

3. Write 5 bullet points for a blog

4. Write an outline for a newsletter

5. Find an old blog and copy a section for a post

6. Write down 10 ideas for posts for this month

7. Share some good news on your stories

The reason I share these is that we often see a problem with our marketing and think a big solution is needed.

If your website isn’t converting, you might not need a new one, just a few simple tweaks to your titles and descriptions.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by marketing, you don’t need to hire an expensive agency, you just need a little guidance.

If you want to increase your sales before Christmas, you don’t always need to spend huge amounts on Facebook ads, you could see a boost with email marketing.

Small solutions can have big results, and they add up to huge changes over time.

What is one small thing you could do today that would have a big impact this time next year?


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