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Books and birthday cards

Yesterday it seemed most of Wales was up in arms about supermarkets being banned from selling ‘non-essential’ items such as books and birthday cards. 

I ended up deleting the Facebook app after a few too many posts questioning why we couldn’t buy toasters or kettles anymore. 

I completely understand the frustration and I know there are circumstances where a trip to Asda to pick up essentials is absolutely needed. 

While it wasn’t the most well executed plan (and I think it’s likely to only last the weekend!) there was some logic there. 

Ever the optimist, my instant thought for small businesses was... what an opportunity?!

Part of the reasoning behind the ban was to give small businesses a helping hand and stop supermarkets being able to sell products they can’t. 

Shops might be closed, but that doesn't mean they aren't selling. We have independent bookshops that people haven’t heard of, there’s a local hardware store nearby and we even have a Hoover shop on the High Street. 

Yes, it’s frustrating, but if you can, why not spend 10 minutes searching for a local business owner instead? It might take longer, it might even be a little bit more expensive but I can guarantee it will mean the world to that person.  

I know this is a very privileged position to be in, but truthfully I think that most of us aren’t worried about not being able to get these things, we’re worried about the people who do need to, that can’t. 

But that’s where your community comes in.

Tin opener broken? Borrow mine

Kid’s been sick on the duvet? We’ve got a spare 

Totally run out of socks? I know my mum has squirrelled some away for Christmas, take them! 

Yes it’s hard and yes it will be difficult, but won’t it be easier if we all come together as a community rather than argue about what’s essential and what isn’t?

There were a few posts yesterday that made me feel hopeful. Customers sharing about businesses that are still open or offering delivery. Many that people didn’t know about being flooded with kind comments about the quality of the shop. 

Shop safely, shop locally and support your community, because a ban on cards might be forgotten 6 months down the line but that moment of help definitely won’t be.


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