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Business Boot Sale

My idea of a perfect morning would be waking up in bed with a cup of tea, reading my book, and walking the dogs before heading to the car boot sale to find the bargain of the century.

Which is basically what I did this morning actually!

What would your perfect morning be?

I’ve been on a course for the last 12 weeks and one of the things they said is that social media is like a market, everyone is there with their things for sale on display.

But I like to think of it as a car boot sale.

Hannah Isted Marketing Expert at St Fagans

As you walk around, people have everything they’re selling lined up for you to see.

Some of the stalls look attractive and some don’t look quite as nice.

Some have labeled them with prices or have a bargain box at the side.

Some seem really lovely and friendly to talk to and say hi as you walk past.

But they don’t stand there with an empty stall and wait for you to ask them what they have for sale.

The more confident you are with your stall, the better chance you have of selling (or at least making enough for a coffee and cake at the end)

Think of all of these things as if they relate to your marketing.

If your social media, newsletters, blogs, and every other piece of marketing you do was a car boot sale, would you visit your stall?

Marketing is about making sure that the right people visit you and that you're attracting the people that your products and services are going to be a good fit for.

What could you do to improve your 'stall' in the lead-up to Christmas?

Marketing and Mindset Made Easy 6 Week Course

This is the final weekend to sign up for our 6 week course, Marketing and Mindset Made Easy!

We start on Wednesday and we finish on 20th October so you have plenty of time to get your marketing sorted for Christmas.

We’ve planned 6 brilliant weeks of content and we can’t wait to get started! Here’s what’s included.

Week 1 - Mindset

Week 2 - Ideal client

Week 3 - Social media

Week 4 - Blogging

Week 5 - Newsletters

Week 6 - Consistency


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