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Consistently Creating

On Friday I did a live for my friend Clair about creating fun, lively and engaging content.

I love creating posts that I’m excited to share, but it's not always easy to get to that point.

It was one of the comments on the live that reminded me that actually, I’m not sure everyone else works on their content in the same way.

Do you ever do something so automatic and forget that not everyone else does it too?

I used to put lots of pressure on myself to sit down for hours and create content for my business and my clients.

But staring at a blank page doesn’t help me to feel creative, and I never got very far.

If you’re struggling to be consistent and write social media content, try this.

Gather all your ideas throughout the week, and then sit down to write.

Write down words, themes, sentences from clients, thoughts, lines from TV shows, ideas and then have them ready.

When you go to create, look at the ideas you’ve been writing for yourself and expand on each one to build a post, a blog, an idea for a podcast or even a live video.

I store them all in a Trello board, but you could use a notebook or Google docs so you don’t lose your ideas throughout the week.

The aim is that when you’re writing content you’re never starting from scratch.

Consistently creating something from nothing is hard, so put yourself in the best position to have fun and enjoy it!

If you need support with your marketing and getting the most out of your content, get in touch about booking a one to one session. Find out more here.


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