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December business traditions

Over December I have lots of traditions that help me get into the Christmas spirit.

Mince pies. Festive magazines. Michael Bublé.

But the best one is watching my favourite Christmas films.

A couple of years ago mum and I went to see 'Last Christmas' at the cinema and I’ve been saving it to watch again this year.

Last night was the night!

I love the message of the film and even though I sob through the end I’d really recommend giving it a watch. You can find it on Netflix.

Without giving too much away, Tom tells Kate that she needs to look up.

There are so many sights around London that she’s never noticed before because she’s always glued to her phone.

His phone is locked away in a cupboard and he says ‘I got so tired of staring at my hand all day, you should try it.’

I’m not suggesting we all have to lock our phones away (although I do recommend the Forest app if you need some help with distractions).

But I do think we all need to take a moment to just look up this Christmas.

We fall into the trap of believing that marketing and running a business needs to be all-consuming for it to be successful.

It doesn’t.

You can have just as much success in 30 minutes of doing the right thing, as you can in 3 hours of trying and doing the wrong thing.

This Christmas do your posts, write your newsletter, record your podcast, whatever you need to do and then put the phone away.

Look up and enjoy the moment, because we didn’t get to do lots of this last year so we have even more excuses to celebrate now!


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