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Easy Christmas embroidery craft

If you're looking for an easy Christmas craft to keep as a decoration or give as a gift, this embroidery hoop is the perfect choice. We went to a brilliant workshop with Laura at Byrd Crescent who taught us how to make this beautiful Christmas wreath.

To start get yourself a small embroidery hoop and fabric that you want to use such as cotton or linen. You can even use pillowcases, napkins or a t-shirt.

Next up draw your design with an embroidery pen. This will disappear later so don't worry if you don't get it quite right! We did a simple wreath design with red berries.

Starting with the green, split the thread into three and use this to stitch the wreath design. Work in one direction using a backstitch to complete the inside line and leaves.

When the green is finished tie off the thread and choose your next red colour.

For the red berries we're going to do a french knot. They seem tricky but once you get the hang of them you'll be set!

For a French knot bring the needle up and wrap the thread around the needle 2 or 3 times depending on how big you want your berries. Push the needle back through the fabric so that the knot stays on the top. Repeat 3 times on each on each leaf to create a pattern and when you have reached the final leaf tie off the thread.

Turn on your iron and use the steam setting to remove the pen from the fabric.

When you have finished, thread your favourite ribbon through the loop at the top and there you have it! A beautiful gift for friends and family or a Christmas decoration to hang up during the festive season!


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