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5 easy eco-friendly swaps for Plastic Free July

This July I'm taking part in Plastic Free July, an initiative to help everyone be a part of the solution to tackle plastic pollution and protect our environment.

If you've ever been to Barry Island after a hot day you'll know why we need a whole month to be plastic free and not just a single day.

Plastic, litter, rubbish. It's everywhere and something needs to change.

I'm working with some clients who are eco-friendly and aiming to reduce plastic waste so I thought I'd show a few of our favourite easy swaps you can make ahead of Plastic Free July so you can get planning!

1. Ecofully Jute Makeup Bag

I love these bags from Ecofully. They have so many different uses and come in 4 different colours. Use it as a pencil case, for makeup, lunch or just for storage around the home and get rid of any plastic bags you've been using. They are made from jute which is a natural fibre and from a sustainable crop. Each bag has got a good quality zip so it should last a long time, it's worth the small investment!

Pink Jute Makeup Bag from Ecofully eco-friendly swap for plastic free July
Jute Makeup Bag

2. Splosh Refillable Cleaners

I've been working with Splosh on their social media accounts and love their refillable products. You simply order a refill which comes concentrated and mix it with water in the bottle. It means there's no throwing away lots of plastic and you still get good quality products! My favourites are the bathroom and kitchen cleaners, they smell amazing and work really well on marks and stains. Splosh is a great first step to making the switch to more sustainable cleaning, take a look at their website to find out more.

eco-friendly swap for plastic free July. Splosh Refillable Cleaner
Splosh Refillable Cleaner

3. Awesome Wales Veg Boxes

A plastic free veg box is one of the best and easiest eco-friendly swaps you can make. Awesome Wales are based in Barry and run a zero waste shop that sells everything from food to forks. A veg box like this is £10 and there's not a piece of packaging in sight. Why not see if you have a local business that also offers a similar box? If you're local to the Vale of Glamorgan check out the Awesome Wales website.

eco-friendly swap for plastic free July. Awesome Wales Veg Box in Barry, Vale of Glamorgan
Awesome Wales Veg Box

4. Ecofully Jute Veg Bag

If you can't get a local veg box, stick to the packaging free fruit and veg at the supermarket but take your own jute bag! Ecofully have a medium and large size so you can stock up on what you need for the week. Handy to have and not a plastic bag in sight. Order on their website here.

Ecofully Jute Veg Bag. eco-friendly swap for plastic free July
Ecofully Jute Veg Bag

5. Goodwash Soap Bars

Goodwash are another Barry based business that we love. When we first started reducing the plastic in our home one of the first things to swap was our shower gel for a trusty bar of soap. The amount of plastic we were using dropped massively and now we use soap or a refillable hand wash all around the house. Goodwash soaps smell amazing, leave your skin soft and smooth and they do loads of brilliant things for the community. When we bought this soap we were given another one for free to hand out to a key worker, how lovely is that? Find out more and get ready for a good soap on their website here.

Goodwash Soap Bar based in Barry, Vale of Glamorgan. eco-friendly swap for plastic free July
Goodwash Soap Bar

There's my round up of a few easy eco-friendly swaps you could make this July! If you have any others let me know, I'd love to take a look.

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