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Good, Fast and Cheap

I saw a post on Facebook this week about a lady who had outsourced her social media.  They did it on the cheap, but it turned out they’d just been copying other people in her industry and passing it off as her.  She was embarrassed and decided you can NEVER trust anyone to post on social media for you.  Now, we both know that definitely isn’t true. But you do need to pick the right person.  It reminded me of the ‘Fast, Good, Cheap’ diagram where you can only choose two options.  Something might seem cheap but what are you sacrificing to get that price? 

Hannah Isted Social Media Manager Barry South Wales Cardiff

This week we went away for the night and after getting the camera, moving the mugs, taking the picture, editing it and then exporting it from his laptop Tom sent me this image. Good isn't it?

Hannah Isted Social Media Manager Barry South Wales Cardiff

Here's the version I took of the same mugs in the same place to send to my dad and show him I'd finally got the kettle on.  See the difference?  When you use a professional you're not just getting the outcome, you're getting their experience too. (Just to be clear I can take a much better picture than this!) Whatever you do, there will always be someone cheaper than you.  It’s not your job to lower your price to match them, it’s your job to show the value in your work and how it solves a problem your customer might have.  It might be obvious and visual, like getting decent pictures of a cup of tea.  It might be harder to measure, like saving time, improving your mental health or helping your relationships.  It could be a feeling such as calm, happy, relaxed, safe or good.  What makes your business different to everyone else? What problems do you solve? If you need a hand figuring it out next week my 2 hour one to one sessions are perfect to help you create a plan and reach your target audience on social media.

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