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Hi. Hello. Good morning.

One thing I’ve really missed over the last few months is bumping into people on the street. 

I love walking down the high street in Barry and saying hello to all the lovely small business owners, our friends who are out shopping and even people we’ve spoken to online who we haven’t met in person yet.

It’s something I really missed when we went into lockdown and I’m so glad things are on their way to getting back to normal again. 

Hannah Isted Social Media Management Barry South Wales

Social media is a little bit like saying hello in the street.  If you saw your friends, or a small business that you love, you wouldn’t just ignore them would you?  That’s why it’s so important to share the love online too.  Leave a comment and say hi, tell them you like their latest product or tag your friends if you think they need to see it too.  There are lots of ways to support small businesses.  But, as much as I love social media I know it doesn’t make up for those in person conversations, which is why building connections is so important.  A like on Instagram is good, but a customer in a shop is even better!  I’m really passionate about shopping locally, whether it’s a tea or a top, chocolate or cheese, beer and a baguette or dinner at our favourite independents.  Supporting local means online, in person and with our money too.  There’s nothing better than working together to keep our small businesses alive.  From one small business to another, I'm always grateful for the support. 

If you're a small business owner and you want to find out how to use social media better to promote your business, My 'Be Your Own Social Media Manager' eBook will help you to create great posts on Facebook and Instagram.

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