How does a 1:1 session with me work?

Booking a 1:1 social media session with me goes a little bit like this....

🕰 We pick a day and time that suits you to sit down over Zoom

☕️ You make yourself a big cup of tea or coffee and get your notebook and pen ready (if you’re old school like me!)

💻 We look at your goals. Do you want to sell more? Get more clicks to your website? More engagement? Build an audience?

📱 We spend two hours focussing on your social media. Either Instagram, Facebook or a combination of both.

🗒 You’ll come away with a clear plan of how your posts are going to reach your audience going forward.

🎉 You make the changes and your social media is a huge success!

Interested? A two hour 1:1 session with me is £99. Email me on or send me a message to book.

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