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How I did up my first house for free

In July 2018 I moved into my first home in Barry, South Wales.

It took me years to save up for the deposit, but as a self employed person on my own the amount of mortgage I could get wasn't much.

I bought a 3 bedroom terraced house which needed ALOT of work. There was no kitchen, all of the walls were covered in textured wallpaper and nothing could be saved.

So I started from scratch and stripped the house right back, painting all the walls white and sanding the original floorboards.

I paid to have the kitchen done with a £500 kitchen I found on eBay, and refurbished the bathroom with a roll top bath my step dad found on the side of the road.

When it came to decorating and buying furniture, I'd run out of money and needed to fill my house for the lowest price possible, or for free!

I found a bed on Freecycle, my rug at the recycling centre and managed to decorate for a fraction of the cost.

You can read my full article in this week's Fabulous Magazine where I explain how I've done up my first house for free!


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