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How to achieve your goals in 90 days

Have you heard that it takes 21 days to form a new habit?

Whatever habit you’re looking to form, if you can just keep it going for 21 days you’ll be set for life.

But how many times has that habit stopped when you reached the one month mark? Or 6 weeks down the line?

The problem is, 21 days is a bit of an urban myth.

According to this article by James Clear it can take 66 days on average to form a habit, with the results varying massively.

It all depends on you, what the habit is and whether you set yourself up to succeed.

Why 90 days?

When I was planning The Best 90 Days Ever I started looking at the lengths of time other people were using for their courses.

90 days came up a lot.

I have a 90 day planner next to my bed. Joe Wicks is pushing his 90 day training. I looked at a 90 day marathon running plan.

And I thought, if this works for running a marathon, it must work for running a business too.

90 days is a great amount of time because you can be realistic about what you can get done, without forgetting what your goals are.

It’s not too long so that you feel overwhelmed, but it’s also enough time to make some pretty big steps towards your goal, even more so when you make you sure check in monthly.

So how can you achieve your goals in 90 days?

Set the goal

First things first we want to set the goal.

When we’re setting goals for the next 90 days I believe it’s something that we should feel excited about.

Some of the goals that people in The Best 90 Days Ever have set include…

- Sending regular email newsletters

- Launching new websites

- Being consistent on social media

- Getting clear on their offers and pricing

They were all things that they knew would help them move forward in their business and that they were ready to achieve and felt they could do over the next 3 months.

Notice that it doesn’t say ‘have a £10k month’ or ‘Gain 10,000’ instagram followers.

While these might be achievable for some businesses, they aren’t achievable for all and we want to focus on the things we can get done in this short time.

Save those big goals for your 5 year plan!

Break it down very small

Now you have your big goal, you need to break it down into small steps.

When we plan too far ahead (like that 5 year plan) it can seem like the different stages are so big that we won’t ever make moves towards it.

Instead we want to take that big aim and turn it into something smaller that we can do each day.

Doing 90 small things over a 3 month period adds up to big changes!

To do this you can take your goal and think about 5-10 action steps you could make each month to achieve them.

When you have those, think about what you can you do each week.

Then break it down to think about what is achievable each day.

Just 10 minutes a day can make such a huge difference to achieving your goals and it helps you form a positive habit with your marketing.

If you spend 10 minutes a day working on your business, over 90 days you will have spent an extra 15 hours that you couldn’t find before.

Ask for help

If you know what you should be doing each day, but you can’t find the focus or determination, you might need to ask for help.

This could look like having an accountability partner you check in with, or a system that reminds you of what your goals are and the steps you need to take to move forwards on them.

In The Best 90 Days Ever we keep each other on track and focussed throughout the month.

Sometimes just being around other business owners like you can make a huge difference and help you achieve your goals.

90 days is a great amount of time to get to know more about the other people in the group, and some are even signing up for a year. Imagine the progress you could make together over 12 months!

If you think support and a community would help you, come and join us here.

Celebrate the little wins

Finally, when you start making progress on your goals, celebrate every little win.

I celebrated when my podcast had 100 listens, when my newsletter got an extra few subscribers and when people signed up for my courses.

Every small step is something to be celebrated and every decision you make for your business is moving you forward towards your goals.

There you have it! If you're ready to make progress on your goals this year, join us on The Best 90 Days Ever for just £34.99. We get started on 1st April!


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