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How to get back into a social media routine

Happy New Year! I hope you’ve had a good Christmas, we’ve been making the most of our time off by enjoying lots of walks around Barry and watching endless Netflix programmes.

If like me, you had a little break from posting on social media over Christmas, well done! I think it’s important to pause and give our brains some space, so we can come back in January ready to go.

But what if you’re still not feeling ready to go yet?

Here’s a few tips on how to get back into the routine of promoting your business on social media if you’re struggling to get started again.

Hannah Isted Social Media Management Barry Island South Wales

1. Actually, don’t

If you aren’t feeling ready yet, there’s nothing saying you have to. Stretch out that pause a little longer and enjoy the break.

If you’re feeling motivated to write (just not in the form of an Instagram caption) why not make a start on a blog post or a newsletter instead? When you’re ready they can be posted on social media too, it’s win win!

2. Write down everything you’ve got to tell people

Your first instinct might be ‘there’s nothing new to say!’ and maybe there isn’t. But what about…

  • Telling your customers what you did for Christmas and New Year

  • Letting them know if you’re open and what times

  • Sharing the most popular product or service from last month

  • Showing new products or services for this month

  • Telling them what you’re excited about

  • Testimonials and reviews from last year

Once you get started you’ll find there’s loads that you can say and your Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn will be full of valuable information. It only takes one post and you’re back in the game, so say hello, welcome back and get stuck in.

3. Set a routine

The only way to get back into a routine is to set one. Think about what will work for you this month and remember it could be different to this time last year.

During the summer I would get up early, make my way through my marketing spreadsheet and write blogs, LinkedIn posts, Instagram captions and Facebook posts all before Tom and the dogs woke up. I was a content machine and it really worked for me then, but what worked for me in June probably isn’t going to work in January so you have to adapt.

Make it really simple, maybe you share a post in the morning while you’re drinking your first cup of tea, or one in the evening while dinner is in the oven cooking. How can you make it as easy as possible and something you want to stick to?

Make this year the year that you go for it when it comes to promoting your business. Once you’ve found what works for you there will be no stopping you!

If you’re struggling to find your routine with social media, my eBook will help. It’s called Be Your Own Social Media Manager and it teaches you to treat your business like a client and promote yourself online. Click here to download it.


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