How to have the best final quarter of the year

We're finally approaching my favourite seasons, autumn and winter! Along with the big scarves and popping out for hot chocolate, these months have the potential to be the best ever for your business.

Here are 6 ways you can have the best final quarter of the year!

Having a great few months might look different to each of us, it could be having a high number of sales in the lead up to Christmas, or it could mean marketing takes less time so you can have an autumn break and recharge your batteries.

Whatever success looks like for you, these 6 ways will help you to gain focus and push forward for the final part of the year.

  1. Improve your mindset

When winter comes it’s really easy to take a step back, get cosy and hibernate for the rest of the year. That’s definitely okay, but if you want to keep some consistency with your marketing you’ll need to get into the mindset of promoting your business all year round.

How will you have the best quarter EVER if you’re not ready to talk about your business?

First things first we need to figure out what stops you from showing up and talking about your business online. Is this getting in your way? What are your fears?

It could be confidence, technology, not knowing what to say or feeling bored by marketing so it’s another chore for your list. When you know what your worries and fears are, you can take steps to overcome them.

We often need to find a way of changing our mindset from - this has to work because we are desperate and need it, to this has to work because we’ve got a great product or service and we truly believe in what we’re doing.

When your mind is saying this quarter is going to be great, your actions will follow and you’ll take the steps to make your business and marketing successful. Mindset work is never done and it always helps to check in with how you are feeling and what you want.

Repeat after me - the next few months are going to be amazing for my business.

2. Ideal client

Now that you’re feeling revved up, to have a great quarter you need to be talking to the right people. Working on your ideal client is not as simple as saying ‘it’s you, you are my ideal client’