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How to make creating content easier

I’ve been working with small business owners for over 8 years now, and one thing I’ve noticed in that time is that most of us want creating content to be easier.

But even when that’s top of our wish list, I’ve also noticed we have a tendency to choose the difficult path instead, because that’s the way we’ve been taught marketing should be.

There are many myths we’ve been taught about how we should promote our business that aren’t true, so I’m here to let you know that marketing can be much simpler (and dare I say it) easy.

You can also listen to this as a podcast episode here.

Here are 4 ways to save yourself time, increase your productivity and make content creation easier.

There are plenty of ways to market your business and it seems like every year new platforms and algorithm changes appear.

The typical advice I would be to promote your business where your audience is, and that advice always stands. But I’d also recommend choosing the way of promoting your business that plays to your strengths.

If you know you’re great at writing, use that to your advantage. Focussing on blog posts and emails is going to be much quicker than forcing yourself to film a face to camera video that takes you half a day.

But if you love to speak about your work and how you help clients, why not try starting a podcast or filming a Youtube video or reel series instead?

Play to your strengths when it comes to your content. You don’t have to do what everyone else is doing, especially if it’s going to cost you time and energy that could be spent in other places in your business.

2. Practice when it’s a good time

Although we don’t want to waste energy on platforms that aren’t going to give us a return on our time investment, there’s always a place for experimenting with our marketing, it’s just about timing.

If you want to try something new in your business, choose a time that makes sense. When you’re busy, in a launch period or life stuff is happening, do the things that are easy and simple.

When you have space and results don’t matter, use it to your advantage. You’ll feel more relaxed and you can have fun with it and content always comes easier when we’re having fun.

This is one of the reasons I’ve designed my new course Create Your Content Library. The aim is that you’ll be able to create 6 months of content in the next 6 weeks which frees up so much space for creativity and experimentation. What would you do in your business if you didn’t have to spend time creating content because the next 6 months are taken care of?

3. Don’t let your content be single use

One of the best ways to make your content take less time is by never letting your ideas be single use. In Create Your Content Library I show you how to take one idea, like an email or this blog post for example, and turn it into multiple posts to use.

If you feel like you aren’t being productive when you’re creating content it’s usually because you’re tiring yourself out trying to stay ahead of trends or reinvent the wheel.

Often we are trying so hard to think of something new to say, we forget that the posts we’ve already shared haven’t been seen by our whole audience. Our posts will potentially only get seen by a small percentage of our followers and new followers are joining all of the time who want to learn what we’re all about. Doesn’t it make sense to repeat your message?

There are plenty of ways to say the same thing but on a different platform. Don’t let your great ideas be wasted by only sharing them once.

4. Choose the easy option

Finally, you have permission to choose the easy option. If you’re struggling to know what to say, copy and paste something you’ve shared before. If you’ve set up templates for your carousel posts that make it really simple, use them. If you’re struggling to get your ideas down on paper but you know you could talk about it easily on a live video, do that!

If you don’t know what to post, ask yourself - what is the easiest thing I can do to share my business today?

Often we can spend hours thinking about unique ways of talking about a topic or an idea that no one has heard before, when actually the content that does the best is that one we’ve spent the least time on. The less we over think it, the easier the content will come.

Have you been on TikTok recently? You can get millions of views for a video you’ve taken in your car on the way back from the gym. It’s a great lesson in not overthinking it!

It's allowed to be easy

Creating content and promoting your business is allowed to be easy and when you decide that it can be, you’ll be able to show up for your business so much more.

Join Create Your Content Library and you’ll learn how to create 6 months of content in 6 weeks by taking the topics you want to be known for and reusing that content to save you time and energy. Sign up to get instant access here.


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