How to make your own jewellery holder

My jewellery collection is growing so I wanted something to keep them untangled and help me see what I’ve got. I spotted a similar jewellery holder on Pinterest and thought ‘I can make that!’ So this weekend I set to work making my own jewellery holder.

I used an old piece of wood leftover from the kitchen which my step dad sanded down and cut to size. I knew where it was going to go so I guessed roughly how long it should be. This was around 50cm.

It was very light so we watered down some wood paint to stain it. This took two coats but it dried very quickly in the sun!

I ordered the copper pipe on eBay for around £5. It's 450mm long and 6mm wide, the smallest they sold.

The hooks are from Wilko and cost £1. Everyone has been doing DIY at the moment so these were the only ones left! We screwed the hooks into the wood.

We then threaded the pole through and dented it a little bit so it doesn’t move too much.

It’s stuck on the wall with wood glue so fingers crossed it stays stuck! Im so pleased, I can finally see what I have and for less than £7!

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