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How to market your business when you really don't want to

Yesterday I had one of the most productive days I’ve had in a long time.

You might have seen on my Instagram stories that we set ourselves a challenge!

We wrote down everything we needed to do on pieces of paper, put them in a jar and picked them out one at a time to get them done. Some were nice things like visiting Awesome Wales or having a cup of tea, and some were not so nice things like painting the toilet and decluttering 25 items. But guess what? We got everything on that list done yesterday so today we have the whole day to chill!

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The reason the jar worked so well is because you can’t negotiate with it. When you pull out that paper it has to be done right there and then. There’s no waiting until tomorrow or holding out for next week. You get it done and move onto the next one. That’s why it was great for painting the toilet. That job has been on my list for 2 1/2 years and I couldn’t figure out what would actually make me want to do it.

I was worried it would...

  • Take too long

  • Be something I hated doing

  • I'd do a rubbish job

But when I put my podcast on and got going it took less than 2 hours... and it was fine! I hear this so much when people want to start a newsletter or write a blog. They think it will take ages or they won’t know what to write and hate the process. But if it’s something you want and you think it will benefit your business (clue: it will) then you just have to decide WHAT will make you do it. Find your version of the jar. It might mean asking for help and having that support to know you’re doing the right thing with the Six Week Marketing Fix. It could be scheduling a day and time in your diary and saying this is when I’m starting my newsletter. It could be breaking it down into the tiniest chunks so you can’t talk yourself out of it. Find what works for you and get started. We all need our version of the jar to boss us around and trust me, the jar will be coming out again next week!


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