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How to stop social media from feeling like a chore

If you want social media that doesn’t feel like a chore and gets more people buying from your business, today is the final day to get your place on my new social media course, Be Your Own Social Media Manager.

The doors close tonight at midnight and we start tomorrow.

It will help you if….

🤯 Social media is taking too long and feels overwhelming

🤯 You’re not getting sales or bookings online

🤯 You struggle to be consistent or confident

You’ll feel that...

🎉 You can put your phone away knowing your marketing is sorted

🎉 You have a bank of ideas ready to go if your head isn’t in it that day

🎉 You have confidence about what you’re posting

You’ll learn

✏️ How to create content quickly so you always have a bank of ideas

✏️ How to write a post that creates engagement and sells

✏️ How to be consistent, this week, this month and all year

All the information can be found on my website here and you’ll find three payment plans there too if you want to spread the cost.

If you’d rather not pay though the website just reply to this email and we’ll sort it out for you!

Important Dates

19th January - Creating Content

26th January - Consistent Content

2nd February - Confident Content

9th February - Continuous Content

Questions you might be wondering!

Will the sessions be recorded? Yes they will! Don’t worry if you can’t make it, but obviously I’d love to have you there. There will also be workbooks and work-alongs to help.

Who is this course for? This course would work for product and service businesses, online or with a physical shop. There’s no one size fits all for anyone so the course will help you find out what works for YOU.

Is this just going to be another Zoom call? It is being held on Zoom but I’ve worked hard to make this course interactive and practical so it’s not just me talking at you for 4 weeks!

Will you be doing this again? Definitely, but possibly not until this time next year. If you want your social media sorted in 2022, why not join us now?


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