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How to throw your dog a birthday party

Yesterday Bernie reached the grand old age of 2!

When we rescued him they weren't clear when his birthday was, just some time around June. We were allowed to pick the date so we decided to make it 1st June so it's simple to remember.

To celebrate I made him a cake using this recipe and we managed to get some photos just before he ate it. They have been popular on social media, everyone loves a dog picture! It was actually quite a big cake so I dropped some slices round at his dog friends in Barry and they have been sharing the pictures with us on Instagram!

In the morning we got up early and took him to his favourite spot in South Wales, Watchtower Bay in Barry! It was quiet and we almost had the beach to ourselves. We took some pictures for social media and headed home, then Bernie slept for the rest of the day as he was so knackered.

In the evening we opened his present, a new bone, and he went back to sleep again! It's been a lovely lockdown birthday for Bernie and something for us to look forward to as well.

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