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Instagram for events

Are you using Instagram for your events?

If you're hosting regular events one of the best ways to promote them is on Instagram. We love promoting local events on Barry Magazine!

When you're using Instagram there are two things to remember, stories and grid posts.

Tom is abit of a perfectionist so we use his posts for our grid, these are the ones we want to keep as a memory of the day and to show everyone what it was like.

You might have noticed by I am definitely not a perfectionist, so I stick to Instagram stories.

These don't have to be perfect as they disappear in 24 hours and give a better behind the scenes experience.

For your next event think about how these can work together to promote what you're doing!

If you're running regular events, classes or activities and you feel like you're not getting enough eyes on your posts why not book a 1:1 with me?

Send me an email on to find out more.


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