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Internet Taking Over Your Life?

Happy Sunday!

I know last week I was upfront with how I feel about our return on investment when it comes to social media.

But so many of you have said how you feel it is such a time drain.

‘It takes up so much energy and time’

‘It’s time-consuming’

‘It’s overwhelming and a chore’

You want to be trying new things like email marketing, Pinterest, improving your SEO, networking and updating your website, but you don’t have time because so much of it is spent on social media.

I’ve worked as a social media manager for over 6 years now and one of the main things you learn is how to multi-task.

If you think managing your own account is challenging, try running 12 at the same time 😂

But it’s part of the job and you learn how to manage it.

When I’ve been at my busiest with social media accounts, there are certain things that really helped me to save time.

1. Have a ‘place’ to stay organised

Content schedulers are a great way to keep organised. My favourite is SmarterQueue, but not everyone needs to schedule their posts.

Have a place where you can feel on top of things. I love Trello but I’ve heard great things about Notion, or you might work better with a Google doc or a notepad.

Make sure there is somewhere you can store your thoughts, ideas, graphics, testimonials, videos, posts, blogs, newsletters (the list goes on!) in one place.

2. Don’t start from scratch every time

There’s nothing worse than staring at a blank screen when you’re trying to write a batch of content, so look at what has already been written.

What themes are coming up in previous posts? What questions are being asked? What blogs are being read? What website content is already there that you can use to spark some inspiration?

I want to help you manage your accounts like a social media manager would.

Quickly, effectively, and knowing the best way to get the results YOU want.

It could be sales, enquiries, website clicks, bookings, a confidence boost, new connections, customer research, PR opportunities, event promotion and even friends.

I’m really confident you’ll start seeing the impact from week 1 of my new course Be Your Own Social Media Manager.

To say thank you for being on my email list and supporting me with this latest launch I’d like to give you something back.

The next 5 people who book my Be Your Own Social Media Manager course will get a free 45 minute one to one Zoom session worth £75 which can be used before Christmas.

If you’re sitting there thinking ‘but I don’t need this in January, I need it now!’ This one to one will help you to bridge the gap and smash Christmas this year, ready for an amazing 2022.

The course is at a lower price until the end of the year and on January 1st it will be going up. There are 3 payment plans available starting from just £99, so click here to book your place and join us!


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