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Longa Cafe Cardiff

One of the best parts about birthdays is that you get to pick where you go for food.

If you're like me that bonus will last AT LEAST a week.

When my dad surprised us for a visit on my birthday we decided to head to somewhere in Cardiff that has been on my 'must visit' list for awhile.

Longa Cafe on Whitchurch Road is a Turkish cafe with a modern twist. Dad and I have visited Turkey lots of times so I knew we'd love it.

The decor inside is really lovely, think white walls with lots of plants and light wood. We went on a weekday and we were lucky to get a table, it was really busy and I can imagine on a weekend you might need to wait awhile.

I ordered the simit and egg which had fried egg, cheese, avocado and hummus. It was really delicious and filling.

Tom ordered eggs and sucuk which is eggs friends with sausage, cheese, chilli butter and served with Turkish bread.

Of course Tom had to try the Turkish coffee which is quite different to the coffee he's used to.

The food was really delicious although next time I would go for one of the ultimate breakfasts that we were eyeing up on the table next to us. A buffet of Turkish breakfasts? I can't think of anything better!

Longa Cafe is on Whitchurch Road in Cardiff which is only a short drive from Barry. We'll definitely be back to try the rest of the menu.


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